EDL-1 Education and Lifelong Learning Resource Center

The City shall develop and maintain a web-based Education and Lifelong Learning Resource Center to promote and provide access to local and web-based educational resources, programs, and services for parents, students, and adults.  

Responsible Department(s):
Library and Community Services
Supporting Department(s)/Partner(s):
Alameda County Workforce Investment Board, California State University, East Bay, Chabot College, City Manager, Hayward Area Recreation and Park District, Hayward Unified School District, Information Technology
Program Type(s):
City Services and Operations (CSO), Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC), Joint Partnerships with the Private Sector (JP), Public Information (PI)
Implements These Policy(ies):
Funding Source(s):
General Fund, Grants
2017-2019, Ongoing

Program Status:
Not Started
In Progress