Goal 5 Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Goal CS-5: Prepare the Hayward community for future emergencies and disasters to minimize property damage, protect and save lives, and recover as a resilient community.

Hayward is located in an area that is susceptible to a variety of potential disasters, including earthquakes, landslides, coastal flooding, and wildland fires. Preparing for disasters and having pre-planned policies to coordinate a strategic response is not only important for government agencies, but also for local residents and businesses.  Preparedness ensures that government agencies, residents, and businesses have the necessary equipment and resources to stay safe during a disaster and to survive without regular services (such as water and electricity) during the following phase of recovery.  This goal and its supporting policies are designed to prepare residents and businesses for disasters, and to ensure that the City of Hayward and other government agencies are ready to respond to protect lives and property during an emergency. 

Related policies that discuss potential development in hazardous areas of the City are provided in the Hazards Element.

The City shall provide public education to promote citizen awareness and preparedness for self-action in case of a major disaster or emergency. 

Public Information (PI)

The City shall provide neighborhood organizations with emergency preparedness tools and resources (such as Map Your Neighborhood) to increase community capacity and self-sufficiency after a disaster. 

Public Information (PI)

The City shall encourage all residents (including college students, nursing home residents, and group home residents) to prepare and maintain emergency kits with enough supplies to be self-sufficient for three to seven days. 

Public Information (PI)

The City shall maintain and further develop its volunteer-based Community Response Team (CERT) and related emergency response training programs, and establish a leadership structure within the volunteer community to coordinate with during a disaster.

City Services and Operations (CSO)Financing and Budgeting (FB)

The City shall coordinate with local and regional jurisdictions, schools and colleges, businesses, and community organizations to conduct emergency and disaster preparedness exercises that test operational and emergency response plans.  The City shall incorporate energy and water disruptions and shortages into the drills.

Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)Public Information (PI)

The City shall maintain and implement a Comprehensive management Plan to:

·         Outline the City of Hayward's responsibilities in emergencies.

·         Coordinate the response and recovery efforts of City Departments, local energy providers, and local, State, and Federal agencies.

·         Establish procedures for the Operation Center (EOC).

City Master Plans, Strategies, and Programs (MPSP)City Services and Operations (CSO)

The City shall develop, maintain, and implement a citywide Energy Assurance Plan that documents the energy needs of critical City and community facilities and functions, establishes goals and actions to increase energy resiliency during disasters, and prioritizes the use of renewable energy or other sustainable technologies to reduce dependency on the grid during power outages. 

City Master Plans, Strategies, and Programs (MPSP)City Services and Operations (CSO)

The City, in conjunction with other local, State, and Federal agencies, shall ensure operational readiness of the Operations Center (EOC) by conducting annual training for staff, and maintaining, testing, and updating equipment to meet current standards. The City shall incorporate energy and water disruptions and shortages into the training and testing exercises.

City Services and Operations (CSO)Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)

The City shall strive to establish a stand-alone Operations Center.

City Services and Operations (CSO)Financing and Budgeting (FB)

The City shall continue to participate in mutual aid agreements to ensure adequate resources, facilities, and other support for emergency response.

Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)

The City shall maintain and regularly upgrade its mass communications systems to effectively notify people during disasters and emergencies by using current communication technologies.

City Services and Operations (CSO)