Goal 2 - Regional Transportation Context

Goal M-2: Connect Hayward to regional and adjacent communities’ transportation networks and reduce the impacts of regional through traffic in Hayward.

Hayward is located in central Alameda County at the crossroads of several regional transportation facilities necessitating coordination with neighboring jurisdictions and sharing regional through traffic on local streets. The city is a major cross road for key interstate highways (I-238, I-580 and I-880), and State highways (SR 92, and SR 185).  In addition, two BART lines (Fremont-Richmond and Fremont-Daly City/Millbrae) serve the city, with a 3rd line (East Dublin/Pleasanton-SFO Airport) operating just north of the city, and Amtrak service connects the city via a station nearby downtown to Sacramento and San Jose.  

Policies in this section focus on the regional transportation context. With a significant portion of traffic volume on its local streets attributable to regional through traffic, these policies seek to must coordinate with adjacent communities as well as county, regional, and state agencies to address local traffic congestion, provide access to regional transit systems, and connect the city’s transportation facilities to adjacent and regional systems.

The City shall continue to coordinate its transportation planning with regional agencies (Caltrans, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and Alameda County Transportation Commission) and adjoining jurisdictions.

Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)

The City shall support regional and countywide transportation plans (e.g., Plan Bay Area, Countywide Transportation Plan) that make alternatives to automobile use a transportation-system priority.

City Master Plans, Strategies, and Programs (MPSP)Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)

The City shall work with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Caltrans, BART, AC Transit, and adjacent communities to improve city roadways, pedestrian ways, bicycle facilities, and transit corridors to connect with neighboring and regional transportation networks and contribute to a regional multimodal transportation system.

City Master Plans, Strategies, and Programs (MPSP)Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)

The City shall work with adjacent communities, AC Transit, BART, and Amtrak to assess transit options and provide facilities and services that efficiently move local and regional transit riders through Hayward.

Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)Planning Studies and Reports (PSR)

The City shall review and comment on development applications in Alameda County and adjoining cities which may impact Hayward's transportation systems, and shall suggest solutions to reduce negative effects on local circulation and mobility.

City Services and Operations (CSO)Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)