Goal 1 Conserve and Improve the Existing Housing Stock

Goal H-1: Maintain and enhance the existing viable housing stock and neighborhoods within Hayward.

Conserving and improving the housing stock helps maintain investment in the community and keeps existing housing affordable. Because the majority of the housing stock is more than 30 years old, significant rehabilitation needs are anticipated. A number of factors can cause residential units to become unsafe or unhealthy to live in. Preventing these problems from occurring and addressing them when they do occur protects the safety and welfare of residents and assists in meeting housing needs throughout Hayward. The City will focus its efforts on rehabilitation, code enforcement, rental housing inspection, and preserving existing affordable units to take a proactive approach to conserving the current housing stock. An important part of preserving the existing affordable housing stock is ensuring that subsidized affordable housing units maintain their affordability and do not convert to market rate. Policies in this section focus on improving the existing housing stock and assisting in the preservation of affordable housing. 

The City shall enforce adopted code requirements that set forth the acceptable health and safety standards for the occupancy of housing units.

Regulation and Development Review (RDR)City Services and Operations (CSO)

The City shall preserve the existing single family housing stock occupied by lower-income households by rehabilitating single family owner-occupied conventional and mobile homes.

City Master Plans, Strategies, and Programs (MPSP)

The City shall administer residential rehabilitation programs that assist lower-income households to ensure the safety and habitability of housing units and the quality of residential neighborhoods.

City Master Plans, Strategies, and Programs (MPSP)

The City shall avoid the loss of assisted housing units and the resulting displacement of low-income residents by providing funds, as available, to non-profit developers to be used for the acquisition of subsidized housing developments at risk of converting to market rate.

Financing and Budgeting (FB)

The City shall strive to alleviate individual and community issues associated with foreclosures to preserve homeownership and promote neighborhood stability.

City Master Plans, Strategies, and Programs (MPSP)