Goal 5 City Image

Goal ED-5: Encourage economic investment by enhancing the image and reputation of Hayward.

The City of Hayward recognizes that business owners and operators consider the image and reputation of a community when deciding where to locate or expand their business.  Business owners and operators are generally looking for communities that have a good reputation and are desirable places to live, work, visit, and raise a family.  This goal and its supporting policies strive to increase economic investment in Hayward by enhancing the overall image and reputation of the community.  Hayward’s image, reputation, and overall economic development potential are also influenced by the reputation of public schools. 

Goals and policies related to improving public schools are discussed in the Education and Life-Long Learning Element. 

The City shall promote Hayward as a livable community and excellent place to do business by showcasing the community’s competitive advantages and economic and community assets, through the development of a unique brand and related marketing program.

Public Information (PI)

The City shall collaborate with businesses, business organizations, and the community to organize and promote events and festivals that help residents and visitors develop positive associations with the Hayward community.

City Services and Operations (CSO)Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)Joint Partnerships with the Private Sector (JP)Public Information (PI)

The City shall maintain and enhance the social and cultural amenities of the City (such as attractive public spaces, restaurants, sidewalk cafes, and art galleries) to help attract creative, artistic, skilled, and innovative people (the creative class) to the Hayward community.

City Master Plans, Strategies, and Programs (MPSP)City Services and Operations (CSO)

The City shall maintain and implement programs that are specifically designed to address Hayward’s community appearance problems (graffiti, litter, abandoned vehicles, illegal dumping, weed abatement, property maintenance, illegal signs, etc.).

City Services and Operations (CSO)Financing and Budgeting (FB)

The City shall require new development to include quality site, architectural and landscape design features to improve and protect the appearance and reputation of Hayward.

Regulation and Development Review (RDR)

The City shall develop Hayward’s image and reputation as a college town to attract both businesses that serve students and faculty, and businesses looking for a trained and educated workforce.

Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)Public Information (PI)

The City shall encourage the formation of business improvement districts by coordinating with property and business owners who want to improve the image and reputation of their district.

Joint Partnerships with the Private Sector (JP)