Community Safety Element

Community safety is one of the top challenges and priorities of Hayward.  Like most urban communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hayward’s safety challenges range from protecting people and property from crime, to responding to fires, medical emergencies, and natural disasters.  The City recognizes that safety concerns, both real and perceived, have a major impact on the health, economic viability, and quality of life of the community.  To achieve its full potential, the City will need to improve community safety and diligently work to enhance the image of Hayward.

The Community Safety Element contains goals and policies that are designed to improve community safety by enhancing the programs and services of the Hayward Police Department and Hayward Fire Department.  The goals and policies focus on crime prevention, police protection services, fire prevention, fire and emergency medical services, and disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.  The goals and policies recognize that the Police Department and Fire Department are not solely responsible for the safety of Hayward.  Rather, the City recognizes that community safety is the responsibility of all members of the Hayward community and that partnerships and collaboration between the City, residents, businesses, and neighborhood and community organizations are key factors to improving the safety and well-being of the community. 

Several other Elements of the General Plan provide supporting goals and policies related to community safety, including the Education and Lifelong Learning Element, Economic Development Element, Land Use and Community Character Element, Community Health and Quality of Life Element, and Hazards Element.