Goal 5 Urban Wildfire Hazards

Goal HAZ-5: Protect life and minimize potential property damage from urban wildfire hazards in hillside areas.

The foothill neighborhoods of Hayward are located adjacent to natural hillsides and open space areas that are prone to wildfires.  This goal and its supporting policies are designed to minimize urban wildfire risks through the implementation of wildland/urban interface guidelines, fire prevention codes, and open space management practices that reduce the potential for wildfires.

The City shall maintain and implement / Interface Guidelines for new development within fire hazard areas.  

Regulation and Development Review (RDR)City Master Plans, Strategies, and Programs (MPSP)

The City shall enforce fire prevention codes that require property owners to reduce wildfire hazards on their property. 

Regulation and Development Review (RDR)City Services and Operations (CSO)

The City shall promote defensible space concepts to encourage property owners to remove overgrown vegetation and to reduce fuel loads on hillside properties, especially near structures and homes. 

Regulation and Development Review (RDR)Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)Joint Partnerships with the Private Sector (JP)Public Information (PI)

The City shall seek grant funding to mitigate potential wildfire threats to the community and to implement special training workshops and projects related to defensible space and fuel reduction practices.

City Services and Operations (CSO)

The City shall coordinate with the East Bay District and the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District to promote forestry and park management practices that reduce the potential for wildland fires.

City Services and Operations (CSO)

The City shall coordinate with Alameda County, the cities of Pleasanton, Dublin, and San Ramon, and other fire protection agencies to reduce the potential for wildfire hazards in the East Bay hills.

City Services and Operations (CSO)