Education and Lifelong Learning Element

Improving Hayward’s public schools, enriching the education of Hayward’s youth, and expanding the role of career training, higher education, and lifelong learning are major priorities of the Hayward community.  While the City of Hayward does not have direct control over school administration or curriculum, it does provide a variety of services and programs related to education and learning through the Library and Community Services Department.  The city is also home to several educational assets, including trade schools, Chabot College, and California State University, East Bay.  By developing strategic and innovative partnerships between the City, school districts, local colleges, businesses, and community organizations, Hayward has the potential to improve the quality of its public schools, enhance the education and job skills of its residents, and develop into a recognized center of quality education and lifelong learning. 

The Education and Lifelong Learning Element establishes goals and policies to improve education and learning opportunities for all Hayward residents.  The goals and policies address childcare and early childhood development, school performance and reputation, school facilities and amenities, the education-to-jobs bridge, lifelong learning, and library facilities. 

The goals and policies in the Education and Lifelong Learning Element support several other elements of the General Plan.  Most notably, the education goals and policies directly and indirectly support the goals and policies of the Economic Development Element, the Community Safety Element, and the Community Health and Quality of Life Element.