HQL-9 Park Dedication Incentives Program

The City shall develop an incentives program that encourages private development to dedicate parkland beyond the minimum requirements. 

Responsible Department(s):
Development Services
Supporting Department(s)/Partner(s):
City Manager, Hayward Area Recreation and Park District
Program Type(s):
Regulation and Development Review (RDR), City Master Plans, Strategies, and Programs (MPSP), Inter-governmental Coordination (IGC)
Implements These Policy(ies):
Funding Source(s):
General Fund, Grants

Program Status:
Not Started
In Progress

As part of the adoption of the Parkland In Lieu Fee Ordinance in 2019, the City expanded the number and type of credits that could be applied for development, and allows developers additoinal options to satisfy the parkland dedication requirements.  For more infomation, please contact the Planning Division at 510-583-4200.