M-21 Downtown Parking Management Plan

The City shall prepare and implement a Downtown Parking Management Plan.  The preparation of the plan shall consider the following:

  • Adopting parking requirements that are appropriate for a mixed-use, walkable, and transit-oriented district;
  • Creating a single “blended” parking requirement to facilitate future changes of use (i.e. changing a retail store to a restaurant or office space to residential);
  • Establishing flexible parking requirements to allow innovative parking solutions to efficiently meet parking needs, including shared parking, valet parking, and the implementation of parking demand management strategies; 
  • Providing dedicated parking spaces for car-sharing programs and low- or zero-emissions vehicles;
  • Establishing incentives to encourage car-sharing programs (e.g., receiving credit for meeting the minimum “parking minimum” if a car share program is included with the project);
  • Establishing paid parking with market pricing strategies for public parking (on- and off-street);
  • Installing state-of-the-art parking meters thatallow users to locate, reserve, and pay for parking with smart phone and mobile device applications;
  • Adopting policies to use parking revenues to fund Downtown improvements and enhancements; and
  • Establishing bicycle parking requirements and incentives.

The Parking Management Plan may be prepared in conjunction with the Downtown Specific Plan (see Implementation Program 7 of Table LU-1).

Responsible Department(s):
Development Services
Supporting Department(s)/Partner(s):
City Manager, Public Works – Engineering and Transportation, Public Works – Utilities and Environmental Services
Program Type(s):
City Master Plans, Strategies, and Programs (MPSP)
Implements These Policy(ies):
Funding Source(s):
General Fund, Grants

Program Status:
Not Started
In Progress