NR-4 Water Conservation Standards

The City shall develop and adopt Water Conservation Standards within the Municipal Code for households, businesses, industries, and public infrastructure.

Responsible Department(s):
Public Works – Utilities and Environmental Services
Supporting Department(s)/Partner(s):
Development Services
Program Type(s):
Regulation and Development Review (RDR)
Implements These Policy(ies):
Funding Source(s):
Water Enterprise Fund

Program Status:
Not Started
In Progress

Hayward's Indoor Water Use Efficiency Ordinance was repealed by Council on December 13, 2016 due to the more stringent water efficiency standards included in the 2016 California Building Code, which took effect on January 1, 2017. Hayward's Nonessential Water Use Ordinance was amended by Council on June 6, 2017 to permanently prohibit wasteful water practices consistent with State water conservation regulations.