H-13 Funding for Emergency Shelters and Transitional Housing.

The City shall use CDBG funds and other funds, as available, to support emergency shelters, and transitional and supportive housing programs for persons who are homeless and those who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Responsible Department(s):
Library and Community Services
Supporting Department(s)/Partner(s):
Development Services
Program Type(s):
Financing and Budgeting (FB)
Implements These Policy(ies):
Funding Source(s):

Program Status:
Not Started
In Progress

Community Services funds agencies that provide such services.  In January 2019, the City Council approved a Navigation Center to increase shelter beds for literally homeless Hayward adults (18+ years old). The Navigation Center opened in November 2019, and in the first year of operations placed 45 people into permanent housing. The Navigation Center is funded through CDBG, HEAP, Proposition 47, PLHA, and general fund monies. In December 2020 the City Council approved opening a second temporary (6 month) Navigation Center, housed out of a Hayward hotel, to provide isolation shelter and housing navigation services to homeless individuals vulnerable to COVID-19. The Navigation Center Hotel Annex Project is funded out of PLHA and general fund monies.