Public and Quasi-Public Uses

The Public/Quasi-Public designation generally applies to major governmental, educational, cultural, and health care facilities located throughout the city.  Properties may be developed with a variety of public and quasi-public uses, including community centers, recreation centers, government offices, hospitals, primary and secondary schools, college and university campuses, transit stations, and other related government facilities and services.  Future changes to public and quasi-public properties are expected to include landscaping and building improvements, and the rehabilitation or redevelopment of older facilities to enhance public services and to accommodate the changing needs of the Hayward community.

Allowed Uses

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Federal, state, and local government offices and facilities
  • Police and fire stations
  • Public utilities and facilities
  • Public transportation facilities (BART and Amtrak stations, Hayward Executive Airport, etc.)
  • Health care facilities and hospitals
  • Community and recreation centers

Supporting Uses

  • Parks, recreation facilities, open space, and trails
  • Community gardens

Development Standards

  • Density: Not applicable
  • Maximum FAR: 1.5